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Contracted Research-based Teaching Professor Position Opening, Department of International Business National Taipei University of Business

Contracted Research-based Teaching Professor Position Opening, Department of International Business

National Taipei University of Business

Job Title: Contracted research-based teaching professor positions in Artificial Intelligence (Assistant Professor).

Department/College: Department of International Business, NTUB

Contract Type: Non-tenure track faculty. Tenure-track positions will be granted for those with outstanding performance ratings after a review of the new hire's first or second year performance.

Posted/End of Date: As shown in the ad/ 1 Feb. 2021

Qualifications: Ph.D. with specialization in artificial intelligence or related disciplines by the start date. We are seeking candidates who have strong research potential (Most research projects as principal investigators) and have published in international peer-reviewed journals (SCI or SSCI papers published as the first or corresponding authors). Candidates should demonstrate the ability for supervising students in intercollegiate competitions, as well as the potential for or experience in industry-academia collaboration. Certificates in artificial intelligence or digital economy and trade or digital marketing, or digital finance will be a plus. For recently-graduated Ph.D. applicants without prior teaching experience, the review of qualifications will focus mainly on doctoral dissertations, relevant publications, and documents that can showcase candidates’ potential for research and teaching. According to the Technical and Vocational Education Act announced in January 2015, candidates applying for vocational-track faculty positions should have at least one year of field experience in business. However, for those candidates whose teaching credentials were obtained before January 2015, this requirement does not apply.

Job Responsibilities: National Taipei University of Business emphasizes teaching, research, and service. Candidates must have a commitment to teaching and research which leads to quality refereed publications. Service to the department or university is expected as well. 

Expected Starting Date of Employment:  1 Aug , 2021


The application materials include:
The NTUB application form which can be downloaded from the website:


CV, including autobiography, photo, name, date of birth, gender, corresponding address, contact information, work experience, educational background, expertise, direction and plans for research and teaching, industry-academia cooperation projects, list of publications with bibliographical references, etc. In addition to the submitted documents, a sign-up sheet should be filled out online

URL address:


A photocopy of identification cards (including ARC, APRC, or passport), teaching certificates, official copies of transcripts, and diplomas displaying academic degrees and proof of working experience (any foreign degrees or diplomas should be verified in advance by the overseas or local offices of Republic of China, Taiwan).

5 copies of publications that include doctoral dissertation and academic works published within five years (SSCI, SCI indexes should be indicated)

Credentials or portfolios that prove the ability to teach subject areas in English

Syllabuses for the courses that applicants plan to offer

Two letters of recommendation

Deadline and Submission

Applications should be received no later than February 1, 2021.  The application materials should be sent as hard copies to the Department of International Business, National Taipei University of Business, 100 No.321, Sec. 1, Jinan Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100, Taiwan (A written note specified for this application and contact phone number should be provided on the envelope).

Further Information
For further information regarding this application, please contact Ms. Ailing Chen at: ailing@ntub.edu.tw or refer to the website at https://ib.ntub.edu.tw/   

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