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Major Courses


[Introduction to Courses]


Required professional courses

  • International Trade: including Regional Trade, Mainland Trade, International Economics, Micro Economy, Macro Economy, Case Study Analysis of Trade, International Payment Practices, Mainland Market, Mainland Investment, International Business Contracts, International Business Projects, and International Business Lectures.
  • International Finance: including Financial Management, International Financial Products, International Financial Management, Research Methods of Finance, Futures and Stock Options, and International Financial Market.
  • International Business Administration: including International Business Organization, International Business Administration Strategies, Global Industrial Analysis, Internationalized Strategies, International Business Research Methods, International Human Resource Management, and Global Logistic Management.
  • Basic Courses: including International Business Listening Comprehension, International Business English Conversation, International Trade English Digest Reading, International Trade Current Affairs in English, International Business English Writing, English Business Negotiation, Business Japanese 1 and 2, E-commerce and Internet Marketing, and Mainland Trade Software.