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Department of International Business



Develop students of good character who have talent needed for international business, and prepare students for commercial activities of international business or business in China, so that students will be capable of working in small and medium businesses, multinational enterprises, etc.


Curriculum planning

  • Emphasize a comprehensive view of the field, including: “International Business”, “International Finance”, and “International Trade”.
  • Meet industry needs, develop practicums, and have students practice workplace skills.
  • Set up the "International Business Seminar" courses so as to enhance students' professional skills and their ability to integrate themselves into the workplace



  • Cultivate talent through fostering global awareness, proficiency with technology and capacity for innovation.
  • Adjust educational goals based on industry and government policies, and in line with the needs of society.
  • Provide an English-taught “International Studies” program for students to take classes along with international exchange students.
  • Create professional courses to teach students character and leadership skills.
  • Offer practical courses which strengthen students’ links with industry: business seminars, business travel, co-teaching program with business professionals.
  • Sign memoranda of cooperation with well-known companies for industry-university cooperative research projects and internships.
  • Encourage students to obtain licenses and participate in extracurricular competitions
  • Encourage students to participate in various student activities, such as extracurricular clubs, students associations, and overseas volunteer opportunities, etc.


The direction of future employment

  • Multinational planning and marketing professionals
  • International trade professionals
  • Financial services professionals
  • Public officials