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NTUBIB (Formerly the International Trade Department) a 5-year College was established in 1969 and in 1984 as a 2-year College with night courses available

. In 2001, National Taipei school of Business was restructured as National Taipei College of

Business. In 2002, International Trade Dept. established a 2-year secondary night course college program and was renamed as the International Business Dept. In 2004, NTUBIB set up a 4-year College and 2-year secondary college program with night courses.

 NTUBIB also applied for Business Master’s program with the Department of Business Management and Department of Information Management. In 2004, NTUBIB enrolled 5 students in the International Business Master’s program.

In 2008, NTUBIB shut down its 2-year college and formally set up the International Business Graduate School, enrolling 15 students.

The Department and Graduate school of International Business (NTUBIB) has trained great number of outstanding alumni in the business field with complete class planning, strict regulations and refinement of professional skills.


For the past decades, NTUB students' choice of careers has changed tremendously with the rise of e-business and the change in the international environment and structure of industry.

To adapt to this environment and to increase competency of its students, NTUBIB set up the first International Business 4-year college in Taiwan in 2002.

During the first semester of 2011, the makeup of NTUBIB is listed as follows: 27 full time staff: 4 professors, 8 associate professors, 4 assistant professors, 11 lecturers, 65 part time staff: 6 associate professors, 12 assistant professors, 47 lecturers;

21 classes of students: 5 classes in 5-year secondary school, 8 classes in 4-year College, 2 classes in the 2-year college, 2 classes in the master program, 4 classes in 2-year college with night courses; all combined to 863 students.