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Message From The Chair

  1. Developing future managers for multinational enterprises who support international views,  technological knowledge and the ability to innovate..
  2. The graduate program: the core curriculum includes courses to help students develop a comprehensive

    understanding about the market of Mainland China, and facilitates the contact between students and

     industry by regularly organizing seminars on business topics.  These seminars are instructed by senior executives from within the industry.

  3. The undergraduate program: Working with Taiwanese businesses that invest in the Chinese Mainland.

    Offering courses on Mainland Trade, etc. to nurture future international business talent that meet the needs

    of small-size and mid-size enterprises.

  4. Offering ample foreign language courses to strengthen students' command of language in international business;

    Holding an "English Poster Contest" to encourage students to express themselves freely in English to enhance their creative competencies in the future job market.

  5. On Development:


integrated learning and foreign business language ability. These provide  three key profession elements

Professional and real workplace internships

Challenging graduation standards

Developing the ability to utilize information and communication technology


School research study programs

Northern Teaching Resource Center project from the Ministry of Education

Unique way of running our department

High standard curriculum


Real industry experts teaching the class

Employment guidance programs and China knowledge programs

International Aspects Whole Person Education


  1. On teaching:

    Developing Expertise:

    Evolving curriculum with job market and personal competency

    Encouraging attendance at national competitions and offering international business oportunities

    Setting up a Graduate school of International Business for students to further study  academic conduct

    Increasing students’ competency by proving certificate programs

    Raising teaching quality and efficiency

    More hands on and down to earth classes with realistic information for future career experience

    Offering more business corporation internship and visits for students

    Upgrading professors’ academic expertise to strengthen teaching quality

    Enhancing Global Vision

    Multi-language class for better language skills and global competency

    All English lecturing international business classes

    Inviting visiting scholars

    Overseas study tour

    Caring for Society

    Ethic education programs

    Learning from serving program